General Information

 The Journaof Population and Development (JPD) is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles on the broader areas of population and development. The JPD is published once in a year. The JPD is owned and published by the Department of Population Sciences, University of Dhaka. The editorial office is located at the Department of Population Sciences, Third Floor, Arts Faculty Building, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1 000Bangladesh.

Telephone: +880-2-9612209, +88017665171 00

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The JPD publishes articles of author(s) from all over the world but emphasis will be given to those who have focused their researches on developing countries. The Journal accepts three types of manuscripts for publication: original research article, review paper, and book review. The word count for original research article and review paper will be between 3000-4500 and 5000-6500, respectively excluding abstract, acknowledgment, and references. The word count for book review will be between 500-1000.