Program Description

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Applied Statistics is a FOUR academic year program. According to the Dhaka University regulations for PhD admission in Applied Statistics, candidates who do not have either four years B.Sc./B.S. honours and one year M.Sc./M.S. degree from the University of Dhaka or M.Phil equivalent degree (approved by the Dhaka University M.Phil equivalent committee) are required to take course work as part of his/her PhD degree.A candidate graduated in Applied Statistics/Statistics is eligible for admission into the program. The syllabus is designed for these candidates as follows. The candidates are required to take a total of 9 credit hours of theoretical courses from two groups of courses: A and B. The group A consists of courses related to basic topics and the group B consists of courses related to advanced topics in Applied Statistics. Courses from both groups are of 3 credit hours each. Candidates are required to take THREE courses to make a total of 9 credit hours for theoretical courses, preferably maximum TWO courses from each group. The choice of courses will depend on the availability of teaching faculties of the institute. In addition, there will be a 3 credit hours oral comprehensive course,altogether a total of 12 credit hours

List of Syllabus

PhD Program in Applied Statistics(Year:2018)

PhD Program in Applied Statistics(Year:2017)