The name of the short certificate course is “Diploma in Population Sciences”. The programe is designed to provide


  • A basic understanding of the population dynamics and the interrelationship between population and different development issues
  • A participatory and activity based teaching by national experts in the respective fields.



Applicants must have a graduation degree from recognized universities/institutions, with at least 3 years of practical work experience in the area of population, reproductive health, gender and other related areas.


Selection of Applicants

 Applicants from Government Agencies will be nominated by their offices. Applicants from NGOs, Corporate Sectors, Research Organizations, and individuals will be selected by the academic committee.


Program Administration

 A maximum of 25 students are enrolled in each batch


  • 10 from government Agencies and
  • 15 from NGOs, Corporate Sectors, Research organization and individuals


The duration of this Diploma Programme is of 3 months, which includes


  • 108 hours of class teaching spreading over 10 weeks time period and
  • 2 weeks for presentation, comprehensive assessment and graduation


 Course of Study


The diploma in Population Sciences includes


  •  3 full unit courses (each of which is of 100 marks)
  •  A written comprehensive assessment of 100 marks.


This total of 400 marks are translated into 12 credit hours, which are equally distributed among the following 4 courses


  • DPS 101: Population: Basic Issues and Techniques
  • DPS 102: Policies and Programms in Reproductive Health
  • DPS 103: Population and Development: Issues and Challenges
  • DPS 104: Written Comprehensive Assessment.


For each of the courses, expect for the written comprehensive assessment, there will be a total of 36 hours learning time.


  • 25 hours of class teaching
  • 11 hours of home assignments and presentation, and
  • An easy/report writing on a specific topic.


Class Schedule

Classes are held during the weekends with the following schedule:


Friday: From 3:00pm to 6:15pm (2 classes, each of which is of 1.5 hours duration with a 15 minutes break in between).


Saturday:From 9:30pm to 3:30pm (3classes, each of which is of 1.5 hours duration with a 15 minutes break in between classes and 1.15 hours for lunch and prayer).